Don't Ignore Knee pain all to know about Patellar Instability

Patellar instability is a group of conditions that affects the movement of the knee cap or patella. Patellar instability also includes different types of patellar subluxation and patellar dislocation. The patellar is a chain of structures that gives the knee an ability to make straight. It is an important part of the knee joint and includes the quadriceps muscle and tendon to makes a tough leathery tissue.

Patellar instability is a combination of different variables which are modifiable or non-modifiable, such as

  • Bone structure
  • Soft tissue malfunction
  • Muscle weakness
  • poor movement patterns

The causes of Patellar instability includes

  • malformations of the trochlea
  • weakness of the vastus medialis muscle
  • tight lateral ligaments
  • knock knee deformities
  • rupture in medial patella femoral ligament

Person with patellar instability will feel severe pain that can restrict their capability to perform daily activities

The symptoms of Patellar instability includes

knee pain while running,jumping,climbing and other sport activities, feeling of shifting knee cap, weakness in the leg, and stiffness and swelling in the knee due to any traumatic injury.

Treatment for Patellar instability includes physiotherapy, bracing, or choosing correct footwear. Surgery is considered only when all the applied treatment has failed. A knee arthroscopy is also suggested to understand the condition of Patella and knee. Surgery for Patellar instability is known as open patella realignment surgery or tibial tubercle osteotomy. This surgery will realign the patellar and sits it into the femoral groove. It takes 4-6 months to completely recover from the surgery. A physical therapist can guide for doing exercise to increase knee motion and minimize the risk of any further injuries. A physical therapist also helps to systematically reintroduce daily activities to the person.

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