Date : 20-02-2018

Once the smooth cartilage of the joint is destroyed, it cannot b replaced by any known modern treatment. However if one keeps the muscles around a joi

Date : 06-11-2017

Sometimes the disease is so severe that is not adequately controlled by any other measure.Broadly speaking four types of surgical procedure are perfor

Date : 23-12-2017

Worrying over sports injury? Injury stumbling block to your career? No need to get tensed about long-term treatments….Minimally invasive short

Date : 20-01-2018

Sports Physiotherapy deals with extra care and treatment for Sports Injuries. Sports Physiotherapy also involves prevention and management of injury r

Date : 21-02-2018

Shree Meenakshi Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic in New Delhi invites you to "Knee and Shoulder pain consultation camp" on Sunday, 4th March 2

Date : 01-03-2018

01-03-2018In 2013, almost 2 million people in the US visit their doctors because of a rotator cuff problem. Rotator Cuff Tear is the common cause of p

Date : 17-05-2018

The Knee is a key part of the human body which involves in daily activities. Pain in knee affects one’s lifestyle and makes even a small work di

Date : 22-06-2021

The recent announcement by the Government of India scrapping the 12'th class board examinations this year, has brought relief & uncertainty in e

Date : 23-06-2021

WHO recently released their updated guidelines (1) on physical activity for adults 18-65 & above, wherein the previous recommendations of 150 mi

Date : 15-07-2021

Photo by De an Sun on Unsplash Can knee arthritis be prevented? This is the question running through the minds of most middle aged f