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A career in sports is quite challenging not just for the competition, but due to the risks from injuries as well. Sports medicine is a prominent medical branch dealing with injuries in sports and related exercises. The scope of this branch of medicine includes maintaining physical fitness, prevention of injuries, treatment in case of injuries and rehabilitation or restoration of physical fitness after an injury.

Deeply ingrained the human musculoskeletal system, sports medicine is aimed at the following conditions.

  • Keeping a check on and correcting unexplained under performance
  • Keeping track of cardiac functions and abnormalities in athletes and sportspersons
  • Treating asthma induced in sports persons due to exercise
  • Managing the effects of diabetes in sports
  • Female athlete triad

Tennis Elbow treatment

Physical fitness is an essential component for success in the field of sports. Being a field which involves a lot of physical activity, wear and tear in muscles and tendons are a common occurrence. The advancement in technology, especially in the field of medicine has made sports medicine adept at handling all the demands of a modern sports career.

Scope of sports medicine
Sports medicine involves the treatment and management of the following injuries, common in the various fields of sports

  • Muscle cramps – caused as a result of irregular contractions of muscles, it is accompanied by severe pain
  • ACL sprain – a cause of intense knee pain, ACL sprain occurs when the knees gets twisted in the wrong direction. This affects the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) which helps in stabilising the knee
  • Concussion – a condition caused due to head injury, it occurs when the brain shifts violently within the skull due to an external force
  • Ankle sprain – caused due to stretching ankle ligaments beyond normal limits, it causes severe sprain
  • Shin splints – causing intense pain in lower legs, shin splints occur due to irregularities in connective tissues surrounding the tibia

Other injuries treated with sports medicine include, meniscus tear, cartilage and ligament injuries, rotator cuff tear, patella dislocation and so on. Dr. Raju Easwaran is an expert in the field of orthopaedics, offering specialised treatments in sports medicine and other related fields of medicine

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