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Arthroscopy surgery

Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which the interior of a joint is inspected with a tiny 4 mm lens called the arthroscope. One or more additional 4 mm incisions are required to diagnose & treat the diseased joint. Throughout the procedure a sterile saline infusion is used to distend the joint to allow a little more room to perform the procedure.

Arthroscopy is generally not associated with severe pain. The pain is well controlled with a pain pump, that injects a pain killer medicine directly into the joint, thereby enabling painless & almost immediate movements of the joint.

Complications are rare after an arthroscopy. Usual complications are the same as that found after any orthopedic surgery like infection, hematoma (blood collection in the surgical site) etc. More

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My son Pranay Gupta has been operated upon for patellar instability on both his knees by Dr. Raju.

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