Date : 06-11-2017

Sometimes the disease is so severe that is not adequately controlled by any other measure.Broadly speaking four types of surgical procedure are performed for knee arthritis

Arthroscopic debridement

This consistent of inserting a small camera called the arthroscope into the knee and inspecting the interior of the joint. Loose pieces of cartilage and torn menisci can be nicely addressed using this technique. It is useful for patients having to lock of the knee and can be best buy some years time before the more definitive procedures like joint replacement are required.

Realignment (High tibial osteotomy)

In some cases of early knee arthritis affecting only the inner half of the knee, a surgical realignment of the leg can be carried out through an operation called high tibial osteotomy (HTO). This helps to redistribute the loads passing across the knee are loaded. The one big advantage of this operation is that your own natural knee is preserved for a longer time, allowing you to do activities like squatting and cross-legged sitting with ease.

Partial replacement(Unicondylar)

In most instances of knee arthritis only the inner portion of the knee and intact knee ligaments .in such circumstances, we like to selectively replace the inner half by a technique called uni-condylar knee replacement much faster recovery to our patients.

Total knee replacement (TKR)

in advanced knee arthritis, when the entire knee is diseased with a bone on the bone appearance on the x-ray, we like to perform a total knee replacement. A TKR is one of the most successful surgeries done today and its successful surgeries are done today and its success largely depends on timing. A TKR is best done when the muscles around the knee are still active and healthy. Prolonging the decision to do a knee replacement only adds to the recovery time. If you have been advised a total knee replacement, ask us to connect you with other patients who had the surgery in the past and are now enjoying an active lifestyle. Getting a TKR is all about moving into a whole new lifestyle.

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