Knee cartilage Damage

Cartilage is a tough and flexible material which is used as connective tissue and found in many parts of the body. Cartilage is a fine, rubbery tissue present in between the bone joints and work as a cushion so, cartilage damage can occur very easily. People with cartilage damage may experience joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation (swelling).

Articular cartilage damage most commonly occurs in the knee, but the elbow, wrist, ankle, shoulder, and hip joint can also be affected. In severe cases, a piece of cartilage can break off, and the knee joint can become locked. This can lead to bleeding in the knee joints. The area may become blotchy and have a bruised appearance. .

Knee Cartilage damage can be caused

Sport persons are on the higher risk of knee cartilage damage. A knee joint that receives a long period of stress can become damaged and show severe pain. Long time of immobility or inactivity also increase the risk of knee cartilage damage.

Knee cartilage damage can have both surgical and non-surgical treatment methods. Some people respond well to the non-surgical treatment methods such as special exercise, physiotherapy, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and steroid injections. Exercise may involve physical therapy or a plan that the patient can follow at home. Non-surgical treatment processes are good when the damage is not severe.

Surgery is recommended to the patients who do not respond well to the non-surgical methods. Surgical treatment also depends on the age and activity level of the patient, the size of lesion, and time period of the injury happened. Several tests such as MRI and arthroscopy are also recommended to the patient to understand the severity of knee cartilage damage.

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