Loose Debris

The elbow is a hinge joint comprising three bones namely; the radius, the ulna and the humerus. The radius and ulna constitute your forearm. While the radius lies on the outside, the ulna is located on the inner or medial side. The humerus joins the forearm bones in the shape of a cup or saddle to form the elbow joint. The elbow is attached together by ligaments. The ligaments found on the medial side of the elbow gives it the primary strength and stability. The cartilage pads between bones acts as the protective cover for the joint.

Arthritis in elbow– Loose debris or cartilage can accumulate in elbow due to arthritis or an injury, subsequently causing pain and limited range of motion in the elbow. Debris or loose matter in the joint could also lead to clicking and snapping sounds, thus interfering with normal tissue movement during elbow flexion and extension.

Surgical treatment

Arthroscopic elbow surgery is a minimally invasive way to remove loose debris collected in the elbow. Elbow Arthroscopy Surgery is used by orthopedic surgeons to repair various types of painful disorders of the elbow such as arthritis, tennis elbow and thrower’s elbow.